Beyond the Pain T-shirt

New Untepid T-shirt with 50% of profits going towards Endometriosis UK. Screen printed on eco friendly red T-shirts, available to pre order now only for two weeks. 

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The Tampon Book, illustrated by Ana Curbelo, is the most awarded ad campaign of the year.

The Tampon Book is much more than a smart packaging that hacked the German tax system. Stylishly illustrated by artist Ana Curbelo, The Tampon Book contains 45 pages with bold illustrations and empowering stories about menstruation, taboo and feminism and promotes a petition by Nanna-Josephine Roloff & Yasemin Kotra which urges the German parliament to discuss the abolition of the tampon tax. 

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¡Enhorabuena! An interactive illustration for promotional material.

I was asked to design a promotional folder for students to keep their Cambridge English certificate safe when collected.  The abstract illustration is inspired by the Canary Islands, where the company is based, and is brought to life with an AR Instagram filter that activates when the camera is pointed at the illustration. Students can personalise their folder with the qualification they achieved and celebrate with the brand online. The filter uses a target tracker, to track the illustration and animation, a particle emitter that is activated when the user smiles, and a UI picker to select their qualification. For more illustrations follow @untepid

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