Most Wanted Wines x Ana Curbelo

Most Wanted Wines x Ana Curbelo

I was commissioned by Most Wanted Wines to create a limited edition art piece, using their wine bottle label as a canvas. You can find the limited edition bottles on wine shelves of the usual UK supermarkets: Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons, One Stop Stores UK, and Spar UK.

The campaign is a continuation of 2021's successful 'Most Wanted Collective', where the brand's mission is to combine great wine with original, contemporary and meaningful art, striving for less exclusivity and more inclusivity when it comes to the wine industry. 

'The Collective 2.0' is formed by Tejumola Butler Adenuga, Anshika Khullar, and myself, after being selected by actor Russell Tovey and his ‘Talk Art ’ co-host gallerist Rob Diament. 

It was lovely working with whole team at Most Wanted Wines, Hyperactive agency, Creative Debuts and Hexe Digital Agency.

A white wine bottle of Pinot Grigio is seen laying on a large reproduction of its label. The label depicts a bold orange illustration of a serious woman looking straight at the viewer, while holding a purple flower in her hand, illustrated by Ana Curbelo.White woman (illustrator Ana Curbelo) sits on the back of a metallic chair in front of a grey and white background. Her head rests over her hands, which hold and frame a white wine bottle of Pinot Grigio. The bottle's label is bright orange and purple, with an illustration of a woman holding a flower looking directly at the viewer, illustrated by the artist holding it.